urban transportation management system

Since 2001, Noandishane Doniaye Sanat Company (NDS Tech Co) involved in designing and production of all electronic components of bus and truck.This company is one of the providers for the biggest manufacturers of bus and trucks in the Middle East and provides urban transportation management system.



Bus Station Display

The bus station screen with the ability to display different lines when the bus arrives at the bus station is a product that is specifically designed for convenience in modern & large cities.


Passenger Information System

The stop notification system and voice notification of intercity buses, which passengers waiting at the bus station can use to know when the bus will arrive at the station.


Internal display

Internal digital displays have been fixed inside the bus in such a way that all passengers from all parts of the bus can easily see the destination indicated on these signs.


Destination display

The LED display board attached to the glass in front of the bus, with the help of which passengers can easily find the bus line related to their destinations without asking questions and getting confused.


Bus Informing System

The bus control unit provides the possibility to turn on the stop signal light on the dashboard as soon as the passenger presses the stop button and hears the message “The bus stops at the station”.