Outdoor Bus-Stop Information Displays

Outdoor Bus-stop Information displays with the capability of showing different bus`s lanes arrival time at bus station is a new product that is specifically designed for convenience in modern and large cities. Thanks to this kind of display, passengers calculate the arriving time of slightly bus and do an accurate travel, thus there will be a huge saving on using public transportation.

Operational specification

Combination display (printed and variable LED display).
Displaying bus-stop name and station code permanently.
Displaying “Bus-Stop” phrase permanently.
Displaying “stop strictly prohibited” phrase permanently.
Displaying the words “lane number”, “destination”, and “arrival time” permanently.
Displaying lane number and destination for four separate bus lanes permanently.
Virtual 7segment Led display to show time.
Virtual 7segment LED display to show arrival time and the word “due” for four lanes.



Technical specifications

Display with dimensions of 750 * 50 mm.
Using electrostatic powder colour.
Capability of light adjustment during day and night automatically.
Monochrome LED.
Supply Voltage 110-220 VAC.
Max. Current 0.5 A.
Resistant to environmental conditions in accordance with IP65 standard.
Capability of information changing via variable displays at control centre.
Based on GPRS/SMS system.
GPS receiver.
Back-up battery to send information from display to control centre in case of power outage.