LED Destination Displays

LED Destination Displays:

By fixing three VMS. in front, right and back of the bus septum and showing lane number and destination where the bus goes to, there`s no need to ask any question and the possibility of choosing the wrong bus will decrease.

These LED Destination Displays show destination and bus lane number through LED for those passengers who are waiting at Bus-stop.
The segment includes an aluminium case and a protective glass made of polycarbonate which is designed in way that makes you enable to fix on different kinds of bus.


Operational specification

Front and side bus LED destination displays:
Simultaneously displaying of destination text message (full matrix) and lane number (7segment) to number 1999 on the screen.
Capability of showing information in Farsi and English.

Back bus display:
Displaying of lane number (7segment) to number 1999 on the screen.


Technical specifications

Route names and lane numbers display.
160 degree view angle.
LED display of monochrome type.
Colour type: red or amber.
Capability of light adjustment during day and night automatically.
RS485 port to receive information via bus information system and other related segments.
Voltage 12-35 V.
Max. Current 2.5 A.
Resistant to environmental conditions according to IP55 standard.