Support & Warranty

We accept any returned part without any challenge with the customer, respecting the conditions of warranty cancellation, because we consider customer satisfaction higher than any investment and we consider the cost resulting from it to be the best investment. In addition, we consider spreading the customer-oriented method and making the spare market environment healthy as part of our mission as one of the oldest spare parts supply companies and one of the main players in this field.
Our effort to provide the best after-sales service is not only due to our customer-oriented philosophy, but also due to our high confidence in the quality of the products that are obsessively and with the most precise methods and are of the best quality. The most imported components have been selected and supplied by our engineering and supply and quality control teams.
At the same time, our after-sales services include technical assistance to our customers and sales agents. In fact, our engineering teams are always ready to provide any technical assistance to all customers, including sales agents, retail customers, and market floor customers (repairers and car owners).
These services include face-to-face technical assistance, sending brochures and technical documents, holding relevant seminars at the request of sales agents, and creating useful links on the company’s website in this regard, which is currently being implemented by our development and research unit. and will soon be available to the public on the company’s website.
To use these facilities, it is enough to contact our sales department to provide the relevant facilities to the applicant.

In the software and website support department, the company, with the benefit of the expert team, completely solves the possible problems of the designed websites, as well as the software and the rate sending panel, by telephone and offline. Also, if the customer needs, our programming team can apply the necessary changes in the designed site according to the customer’s need.