Appointment System

Appointment System :

Money changers and coin sellers can provide their customers with the ability to make an online appointment at any hour of the day and night by activating the appointment system on their website. This system has the following technical capabilities:

1- Dynamic adjustment of the type of currency or coin that is supposed to be included in the turn-taking process.

2- Setting the allowed number of currency or coins to limit the queuing process

3- Setting the start and end time of the shift

4- Setting the bank holidays (in addition to the official holidays of the solar calendar) and warning the bank to cancel appointments on holidays.

5- Setting floating time intervals to determine customers’ turn

6- The possibility of sending service SMS (non-advertising) to customers when confirming the initial appointment and also when setting the final time

7- The possibility of activating the queue limit for duplicate national code

8- The possibility of activating queue limitation for duplicate IPs (to prevent the activity of currency market brokers)