Website & Software & Related Service

Website design with the ability to connect to WebAPI and simultaneously update rates in the exchange:

From 2010 until now, NDS Company has been providing the Website & Software & Related Service simultaneously to serve and reduce the intellectual and work concerns of respected money changers:

1. Registering the domain address and charging it annually.

2. Dedicated hosting spaces with unlimited bandwidth and 1TB hard disk, 48MB RAM, 100MB SSD hard drive.

3. Software and hardware support of the website.

4. Website design.

The development of technology and the availability of mobile phones has made it possible for everyone to search and fulfill their needs on the Internet at any time and anywhere. The buying and selling of currency and coins is not outside of this issue, and exchanges can meet the needs of their customers or introduce themselves to new customers through the website. In addition to a unique design, the exchange website must have the relevant standards.

Standard items for the exchange website:

• Appropriate positioning of the exchange brand.

• Appropriate placement of the exchange logo along with the name of the partnership company and registration number.

• Has a slide show with images related to the topic of the activity.

• Banknote rate table along with time and date of update.

• Remittance rate table with update time and date.

• Coin rate table with update time and date.

• Show the trend of price changes in tables.

• Display the exchange rate chart.

• Display the clock of important cities required.

• Conversion of currency rates to each other with the rate criteria of the exchange tables.

• About us page.

• Exchange services page.

• Administrators page.

• Forms page and account numbers.

• Contact us page, map and full address and direct message access panel.

• Daily news and articles page with the ability to display the last four news on the home page.

• Working hours and congratulatory messages and condolences and information for customers.

Important technical issues in the design of exchange websites:

• Integration of the rate input panel in the LED display boards and the Telegram social network with the website.

• Instant change of rates on the website without the need to refresh the page by the website viewer.

• The independence of the time and date of updating the tables of bills, remittances and coins on the website.

• Responsiveness of the website and usability on computers, tablets and all types of mobile phones.