Currency Rate LED Board

Currency Rate LED Board For Exchanges and Banks

This company specializes in producing currency rate LED board for banks and exchanges. During this time, many exchanges and banks around the world have been equipped with this system, this company has been a leader in this field and has provided good offers to its customers. These displays show the buying and selling rates of banknotes, remittances, coins and gold for customers. Using these displays is very simple and practical with the help of a comprehensive software to notify the rates of banknotes, remittances, coins in exchanges online and offline. People can easily change the buying and selling rates, also with the help of robots designed for social networks, the rates are automatically sent on the Telegram social network, the rates can be selected, and the messages can be sent in both text and image forms. And the exchange can define special advertisements for itself in the special panel. The design of the websites of exchanges and banks is also done by the design team, and the integration of changes and notification of rates is done by this company.

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Appearance specifications:

• Use of scratch-resistant smoked tempered glass for the appearance of the panel.

• Use of LED with two orange or red colors.

• Images made of black and resistant to UV rays.

• Inscriptions and titles made of shebarang material with gold or silver steel design.

• ST14 steel box with an electrostatic paint coating.

• Has a scratched stainless steel cover or a silver or gold mirror or an electrostatic oven color.

• Use of UV-resistant adhesives for longer life.

• Equipped with a wheeled base for ease of movement with furnace electro-static paint.

Technical Specifications:

• Using LED Super Hybrid Oval.

• Automatic adjustment of the light intensity of the board during the day and night in order to create image clarity.

• The possibility of adjusting the maximum and minimum light intensity during the day and night by the software.

• Equipped with RS485 network for the possibility of increasing the length of the communication cable up to 100 meters without noise and disturbance.

• Equipped with a USB port for easy connection with the computer.

• Ability to connect to the server computer or other computers.

• Equipped with User Friendly software for ease of use by the operator.

• The possibility of installing network software in order to be able to change the rate by several users.

• Easily enter, edit and delete rates.

• Has a powerful power to convert the city’s electricity voltage to 5V.

• Has an image output to display the rates on the LCD monitor inside the shop.

• The possibility of using two or more boards at the same time in one place.