Anti-theft counter and door and glass

Anti-theft & Bulletproof counters used in Interior Spaces of banks and exchange offices:

The exchange counter is one of the office equipment and interior decoration & architecture accessories. This product is usually made of wood or MDF and is sold in the market with various models. In the exchange counter, the glass is bulletproof, it has a hole at the bottom, for communication with the client and the sound system, which makes the use of this type of table more decorative. High-quality MDF and black PVC tape are used in the construction of the exchange counter, the edges of the work are cut and slanted. By placing this counter, it is used as a distance between customers and clients and provides more security. Various types of exchange counters with round, semi-circular and rectangular designs are designed and produced suitable for any space and according to the dimensions of the desired environment. In the exchange counter, approved safety standards must be observed and they are designed according to the customer’s work space, in such a way that it has a fully covered and standard height and behind a decorative wooden facade and steel sheet.

Anti-theft glass:

The anti-theft glass is composed of several different layers and due to the fact that it has several layers, it also benefits from the properties of laminated glass. Anti-theft glass is a type of laminated glass, this type of glass will sink into a liquid-like layer if it is hit, and glass scratches will not spread.