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Destination display
Destination display

These digital displays show destination and bus lane number through LED for those passengers who are waiting at Bus-stop. The segment includes an aluminium case and a protective glass made of polycarbonate which is designed in way that makes you enable to fix on different kinds of bus.

Operational specifications

Front and side bus displays:

Simultaneously displaying of destination text message (full matrix) and lane number (7segments) to number 1999 on the screen

Capability of showing information in multi languages.

Back bus display:

Displaying of lane number (7segments) to number 1999 on the screen

Technical specifications:

Route names and lane numbers display

160 degree view angle

LED display of monochrome type

LED space: 11mm

Capability of light adjustment during day and night automatically

RS485 port to receive information via bus information system and other related segments

Voltage 12-35 V

Max. Current 2.5 A / 28V

Resistant to environmental conditions according to IP55 standard