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Bus informing system
Bus informing system

Also to quicken passengers getting off ploy, before and after reaching the bus stop, bus stop name and its related information about the route will announce through speakers.

An interior displays shows the stop message, time, date, inside and outside temperature, advertising messages for passengers, which is controlled by Bus Control Unit.

Operational specifications

  1. Sending information to interior and exterior LED displays

Sending text message “Reaching to X stop”.

Sending text message “x stop, next stop Y”.

Sending “stop” message as the Stop-button is pressed.

Sending advertising and greeting messages.

Sending inside and outside temperature.

Sending time.

Sending destination text message and lane number on exterior LED display and possibility of changing from control centre.

An automatic bus movement direction detection and changing exterior display destination text message.

Sending “out of route” message on exterior display when bus is out of route

2. Including amplifier port 4 * 20 W for audio messages

Announcing “Reaching to X stop” audio message and route guidance information.

Announcing “X stop, next stop Y” audio message and route guidance information.

Announcing “Bus stops at station” audio message as the Stop-button is pressed by passengers.

Including an automatic switch for cutting other sounds during announcing audio messages.

Technical specifications

Supply voltage 12-35 V.

Max. Current 5A.

An auto. Standard connectors.

Resistant to environmental conditions according to IP55 standard.

RS485 to receive and send information through related segments.

An aux. Radio input and sound switching.

Three Stop-button inputs to show bus doors conditions.

An output for lighting the stopping signals on dashboard.

Passenger counting input.

Connection capability with card ticketing through RS232 or RS485 standard ports.

Two analogue inputs for inside and outside temperature to send the information to interior display.

MMC or SD memory to save the information.

LED to show voltage, GMS and GPS.

Capability of automatic route detection as a bus arrives to each Bus-stop.