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Passenger Informing system
Passenger Informing system

Nowadays bus is one of the most important public transportation in large cities. Because of the long distance bus route, the large size of the bus cabin and also numerous amount of passengers, the necessity of being equipped these buses to the most advanced and technical facilities is felt, so optimistically willingness of bus-using will increase among all different sorts of people.

Across performing this target, NDS Company designed and produced a complete collection of components.

The company has got three main functions, first informing passengers in the bus cabin, using audio-visual information on interior displays, Secondly, visual informing system at bus stop and thirdly public transportation management and control at control centre by using AVL Server.

The system includes:

- monitoring the buses AVL server software

-bus stop LED display

- Bus Control Unit with CD player

- driver`s display

- Bus exterior displays

- Bus interior displays

By installing the AVL server software on control centre`s computer, bus route operation manager can monitor the bus locations on digital map and based on traffic congestion or dispersion will decide when and how to dispatch buses to those lines which is needed, in order to prevent sending more or less of them. Other benefits of this application includes coach driving management and obtaining some information like, work time duration, maximum speed and stop time.

By using the AVL Server the accurate geographical coordinates will be accessible and by means of GPRS will be sent to bus stop display to show the approximate arrival time, route name and number.

Bus Control Unit which is fixed on dashboard is equipped by GPS, SMS, GPRS and SD RAM.

On the exterior display, destination and bus number is shown as a kind of visual information for the waiting passengers at bus stops.

 Bus Control Unit provides the possibility of turning on the stopping signal light on dashboard as soon as a passenger presses the stop-button and a “Bus stops at the station” message will be heard.

Also to quicken passengers getting off ploy, before and after reaching the bus stop, bus stop name and its related information about the route will announce through speakers.

An interior displays shows the stop message, time, date, inside and outside temperature, advertising messages for passengers, which is controlled by Bus Control Unit.